And Now, For Something Completely Different…

space-foundation-globe-5x7Well, not completely different. But I am steering my career in the direction I want it to go, working on long-term goals.

I was honored to be selected as a semifinalist in the Futurescapes Writing Contest. I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner and finalists! The results of the contest could affect the twists and turns of my writing in the near future.

I’ve released twenty short stories in The Cities of Luna. This Spring I will release a collection that includes those and a few more in both print and electronic format. I am calling this first set The Mercury Collection. Eventually, I hope to put together Gemini and Apollo collections as well

Although I love putting out a fresh new story every month, there is going to be a break between collections. I will be putting my energy into getting The Mercury Collection ready, and working on novel-length stories for a while.

I will not be publishing any new stories in The Cities of Luna until I’m ready to start The Gemini Collection. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the twenty stories that are available in e-format, and please check out The Mercury Collection this Summer!