Lunar LogoTIFPJSYCMSYBIW: The Inevitable First Post Just So You Can Make Sure Your Blog Is Working

It’s mid September, and the stories are in edits. I’m excited! We’re still looking at releasing both the collection and Moon Dragons in the fall. (Yes. It’s fall now. And it still will be for a few more months.)

Since I just created this blog an hour ago, I’m still working on getting the content just the way I like it. Besides the usual “So, this is what’s coming out next…” posts, I have three fictional guest bloggers who will be contributing here. Carmen is a graduate student from Los Angeles (on Earth) who is studying at a University on Luna for the year. Bunny is a six-year-old girl who lives in Arrakeen, an underground city near the north pole. Professor Lilliesleaf teaches Lunar History.

After the initial collection and single-title short story are released, another short will come out every full moon.

This blog concentrates just on The Cities of Luna. For more information about me and my other works, please visit my author website at AmyBethInverness.com

Stay tuned. I’m just getting started.


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