Carmen: This is Sparta!

20140912_103056 (1)Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

We took an interesting field trip yesterday. There’s a new city being built north-west of Zhuólù. It’s corporate-based, and I’m not sure what Earth nations are involved.

Here’s where the weirdness starts. The city is called “Sparta,” like the Ancient Greek city-state. But although the word “spartan” means avoidance of luxury, Sparta is anything but. It’s a planned city (OK, all cities on the Moon are planned to a point, but this one takes it to an extreme) with Disney-esque beauty where every avenue and every building is designed and positioned to be picturesque and perfect in every way. It’s like the polar opposite of The Cube, which is designed to be functional and affordable above all.

There’s a gazillionaire (or more) named Toka Barrett who is the primary backer of the project. The guy is…let’s see, when you’re totally nuts but you have lots of money, it’s called ‘eccentric’, right? He’s very intense in a happy-enthusiastic way. He  began his talk by yelling “This…is…Sparta!” in a really overly-dramatic way, then spent an hour telling us all about the incredible opportunities waiting for us when we graduate.

Mom: Did you get the picture of me with Earth in the background? It’s from a kiosk in Sparta. Like everything else, it was perfectly position for the optimal photo opportunity.

Dad: Yes, some cities, like Sparta, have clear domes that let you see out to the stars or the regolith depending on whether you’re looking up or down. I don’t understand how the radiation protection works, but I sent you a link to an article that explains it.

Aunt Peggy: I skipped the dance so I could go home with Noma for the weekend (that’s where I am now.) From what I hear from friends who stayed, I didn’t miss much unless I wanted to flirt with 18 year old Freshman. Which I do sometimes. 😉

Love to you all!




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