Carmen: The Gardens of Luna

Carmen headshot 01Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

I have developed a new appreciation for topiary art. In the lighter gravity up here, trees and other large plants tend to be weak and spindly. There are ways to keep that from happening, but it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth. For any kind of tall foliage, you have to either do some funky genetic engineering, or provide some kind of support structure. Vines climbing a wall is most common, but some people get really creative. There’s a park in one of the upper levels of The Cube with an absolutely massive tree. I couldn’t figure out how they did it until I looked more closely. It’s actually a giant topiary; a wire-frame stuffed with growing-medium and smaller plants growing all over it. I’m not sure what they used for the trunk. From a distance, it looks like bark, but up close it was a dense kind of plant with lots of tiny leaves. It was really gorgeous. I shared about a hundred pictures earlier.

Mom: I got a B on that paper I had you go over. Although it was well-written, I apparently overlooked a point about including a quote from someone who was actually at the event.

Dad: Our g-ball team is 18 and 2 so far this season! Did you see me in the game coverage yesterday? We were dressed in green and gold to spell out a big ‘G’. I was one of the green shirts in the cross-thingy of the ‘G’.

Aunt Peggy: Yes, I had a date with one of the guys on the team. After the third ‘Earth girls are easy’ joke I walked out.

Love to you all!

CarmenCOLV01 and MD bannerThe Cities of Luna: Collection One

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