Faceplanting is Always an Option

For NaNoWriMo 2014, I was having fun writing a Steampunk Romance that had absolutely nothing to do with the Moon. Then, in the middle of a random conversation on Google Plus, R.J. Blain dared me to write a story.

Faceplanting DareSo I did.

Like many of my best stories, this one started with the title, and grew from there. The relationship in this one is step-sisters, which allows me to have two characters who know each other very well and yet have some deep seated friction between them.

MaggieJo could have hired a stranger to help her with her rehabilitation after losing her legs, but her step-sister Becca is qualified and she needs the work. Having a physical therapist who knows your entire life’s history might seem like a good idea, but family members are supposed to love, support, and nurture, not push and demand. When her step-sister informs her that faceplanting is always an option, Becca begins to regret her choice of caregiver.

I wanted to make sure that faceplanting was not only a literal, physical option, but also a metaphorical one. MaggieJo’s recovery is more than just learning to walk with artificial legs; it’s coming to terms with her own limitations…or the absence thereof.

Faceplanting is Always an Option from Distinguished Press will be published on March 5, 2014



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