Carmen Visits a Typical Loony Home

Carmen atrium 01Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

I’ve visited several friends’ homes now, and although there is a great deal of variety, I’ve found that there is such a thing as a ‘typical’ lunar home.

In Zhuólù many of the houses in the affluent neighborhoods look almost like a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles with a small yard and winding streets. They have views of neighborhood parks as well as the stars above, under the clear dome. Many houses are positioned to have a picturesque view of Earth. In the less-affluent areas, like my dormitory, vis-windows are common. Cheap ones are just a repeating cycle of just a few seconds of some scene, but the really nice ones make you really feel like you’re looking out at something real. Of course, some of them do, if you have a subscription. I like the ones that are fictional. I think it would be fun to be a programmer and design the various fantastic settings and the creatures that go with them.

I remember from some class I took years ago that ancient Egyptian homes are built around a courtyard. The typical Loony home is the same. Of course, instead of the courtyards being open to the sky like they are in Egypt, the courtyard has a ceiling that is often decoratively painted. Some homes have a large vis-window on the ceiling, making it look like real sky. These courtyards always have at least a little greenery, and some are practically jungle-like. Some houses have a series of courtyards that imitate outside areas; some are for guests, and others are more private.

Mom: Yes, they do use water to do laundry, but the machines are very efficient and not only use a small amount, it is all cycled very efficiently. They are pretty particular about what kind of detergent, though. Only kinds that are easy to filter out after the water’s used for washing.

Dad: I sent you the specs for the typical courtyard-garden installation package. Yes, you can have a tree (like the one in the picture) and even water it with a hose. But instead of the water going into the planet’s eco-system, it goes into your own home’s or neighborhood’s system to be recycled.

Aunt Peggy: Don’t let anybody dictate to you what a ‘third date’ or even a ‘tenth date’ should be. And you don’t have to be exclusive with the guy just because you’ve been on a few dates. Enjoy yourself! And let the relationship(s) develop naturally.

Love to you all!


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