Big Announcement

COL Cartoon 02

My own doodle of the cities on the moon! Fortunately, I will have professional cover art done for the published stories lol!

I’m so excited to announce that the stories of The Cities of Luna are going to be published by Dingbat Publishing! We will be releasing a new story with every full moon.

August 29, 2015          Grands

To Heinlein and Hickam, who showed me how it’s done.

Sharing a birthday not only with each other but the founding of the lunar colonies themselves, Moriel and Kellan are resigned to being minor celebrities for the centennial celebrations. The friendship that has lasted a century is sorely tested when old jealousies arise.

September 28, 2015          Faceplanting is Always an Option

To Becca, who triple-dog-dared me.

MaggieJo could have hired a stranger to help her with her physical therapy after losing her legs in a construction accident, but instead she hires her half-sister who used to babysit her when they were kids. Unfortunately, Becca’s methods of support and encouragement include the reassurance that faceplanting is always an option, and MaggieJo realizes her recovery will not be as comfortable as she wished.

October 29, 2015          The Day Lorinda Flew

For Reva, who can, even though she doesn’t believe so.

Etta Jane is convinced that chickens only forgot how to fly. Now that they live in the lighter gravity of the moon, she is determined to teach them.

I’m ecstatic to be partnering with Dingbat Publishing to bring these stories to you! You will be able to find the electronic versions in most of the places you love to buy e-books.  For now, the stories are not available in print. I’ll be sharing covers and links as they come!



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