Carmen at the Museum of Lunar History

Carmen and Lilliesleaf 01Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

Today was the field trip to the Museum of Lunar History in Sinus Medii. It’s a gorgeous place, with a huge hall where they hold major events. Today the hall was being set up for an acrobatic troupe. I shared the ad for the show earlier today… I’ll have to come back next week and see it!

Prof. Lilliesleaf was just a bit too enthusiastic, I think. Even more-so than usual, and you know how she is. (Of course, that’s partly why so many people re-watch her lectures even if they’re not taking her class.)

My favorite part of the museum was the hall with fictional history. People have been writing about the moon for centuries. Some of the great visionaries of science fiction such as Robert Heinlein and Homer Hickam had well-thought-out concepts of what life on the moon would be like someday.

At a certain point in the hall, there’s a subtle change. It’s hard to notice if you’re not paying attention, but Prof. Lilliesleaf stood there, looking like she was about to burst, until someone figured out why she’d stopped. At a certain point, instead of the fiction being written by people imagining what it would be like someday, the stories began to be told from the point of view of someone who actually lived on, or at least worked or visited the moon.

Mom: Yes, I missed two other classes to take this field trip. I’ve already arranged the make-up work.

Dad: No, you don’t need to come up here. There are jerks on the moon just like there are jerks on Earth. I handled him myself.

Aunt Peggy: Don’t you dare spoil this week’s Noches de las Mariposas for me! I haven’t seen it yet.

Love to you all!


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