Travelling to South Sinus Medii

FredrickFifty years ago (in my Dad’s time) travelling to Sinus Medii was pretty straightforward. It’s the oldest and largest city on the moon. You didn’t exactly have lots of choices for where to stay. Whichever company you were doing business with would usually have company housing, or there were a handful of small boarding houses of variable repute.

Nowadays, going to Sinus Medii is more complicated. It’s grown into a conglomeration of quasi-independent neighborhoods that each have their own distinct flavor. Today’s topic is South Sinus Medii.

The word ‘rural’ means something different on Luna than it does on Earth. South of South Sinus Medii are a series of agricultural vaults with small family-run operations as well as a number of large corporate farms. South Sinus Medii itself, however, looks about as normal as a lunar city can look. It’s a vaulted city, and you won’t find regolith views anywhere. It’s bordered on three sides by other parts of Sinus Medii, and on the south are the ag vaults known as South of South colloquially, although officially they’re part of the same city.

The vaults in the city center are pretty big, and even though they don’t have a skyview, they feel very open. Traffic can get pretty congested, though, esp. with the individual wagons coming from South of South making deliveries in town.

Most business travelers stay at one of the downtown hotels. I love The Riviera, which has real honest-to-goodness ducks in their courtyard. It’s nice, but pricey. It’s worth the extra money if you have some to burn.

My favorite, though, is in the down-low. “Ritzy’s” is an ironic name. The fanciest thing about the place is the Yolo’s just off the lobby. What it lacks in luxury, it more than makes up for in convenience. It might be in the down-low (which makes me, a native of Arrakeen, perfectly comfortable) but it’s a quick vertical ride in the truba to the city center. The rooms are very small and basic, but they each have a large vis-window, private bath, comfortable beds, and they’re immaculately clean. There’s no on-site restaurant, but Yolo’s is just off the lobby and there are a variety of restaurants in easy walking distance.

The best restaurant, though, is not in the down-low or the city center. It’s actually out in South of South, which is a long truba ride, but worth the trouble. Rosie’s takes the term farm-to-table very literally. Everything they cook, they raise themselves, with few exceptions. Instead of having a full menu every night, they only have a couple different chicken dishes, one or two fish entrees, and a half dozen meatless options. No beef…you have to go to one of the pricier restaurants in the city center for that. But even with Rosie’s limited selection, I’ve always found something tasty every time I’ve been there. I highly recommend the chicken souvlaki. Check their site and see if’s going to be available when you’re in town.

South Sinus Medii may not have many fancy attractions, but it’s a nice place. If you’re like me and do business here several times a year, you won’t be bored.

Bunny, I’m bringing you a feather from one of the ducks at the Riviera! I had a business lunch there that lasted until dinnertime.

Fox, I found a gizmo I think you’ll like, but I won’t describe it here. You’ll have to see it when I get home.

Give Mommy hugs and kisses from me!

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