Letter from Carmen: Places I Haven’t Been

Carmen headshot 01Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

One question I hear over and over again is “Have you been to ____?” People think that just because I’m from Earth, I’ve been everywhere on Earth. People are surprised to find out I’ve only been to Europe once. I’ve been all over North America, but even then there’s a million things I’ll never see. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one giant ball of string I missed.

Even though Loonies have lived up here for well over a century and have a thriving civilization, the moon can sometimes feel like a small town. Most people I know have visited all the major lunar cities at least once in their lives. It’s easy. Everything except for the tiny little outposts is connected by the truba.

Mom: I had to change the topic of my paper because it was too broad. I sent you my new outline with the new focus. Let me know what you think.

Dad: Yes, I’m going home with Noma for the weekend. Most of the stuff at the university is oriented at underclassmen, and after a while I just really need to be around other adults.

Aunt Peggy:  I can’t believe they killed off Santos in Noches de las Mariposas!!! Then again, I read that he’s signed on for next season…maybe he’s not dead. Or he has an evil twin. Or he is the evil twin? We’ll have to wait and see.

Love to you all!


.Grands and Faceplanting


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