.Faceplanting Meme 01

For RJ Blain, who triple-dog-dared me.

Barnes & Noble

A year or so ago, getting ready for NaNoWriMo I was chatting with RJ Blain who expressed her doubts about getting everything done. I quipped “Faceplanting is always an option” and she fired back by triple-dog-daring me to write a story with that title.

So I did.

I try to have a different kind of relationship in every story. In Grands, Moriel and Kellan had been best friends their entire lives. The next story, The Day Lorinda Flew, explores the dynamic between a widower and his young daughter. In Faceplanting is Always an Option, the main characters are step-sisters. They grew up together, although in different house-holds. Becca, the older of the two, often babysat MaggieJo. Now, as adults, MaggieJo is a successful, high-paid engineer. Their dynamic has changed.

When MaggieJo hires Becca to help with her physical therapy, the dynamic changes again. MaggieJo is the boss, she controls the paychecks, but Becca is the one telling her what to do. It is at times awkward and uncomfortable. Yet although Becca doesn’t take it easy on MaggieJo, there is a nurturing kind of care that Maggie craves, and can’t get from anyone else.Faceplanting

Grands Faceplanting Lorinda


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