The Day Lorinda Flew

.Lorinda Meme

For Reva, who can, even though she doesn’t believe so.

The Day Lorinda Flew is one of the first stories I wrote in this series, back in 2013 when I was writing the stories for The Liftport Group. The character of Etta Jane is one of those characters who stood up and demanded to be written, forming herself clearly in my mind.

Reva, to whom the story is dedicated, is my now-teenage daughter. Like Etta Jane, Reva has special needs. Many of Etta Jane’s struggles and mannerisms come from my experiences in raising this very special child. At times frustrating, or even terrifying, being the parent of a child with special needs is at once defeating and triumphant. Like Soichi, I watch my daughter and wonder just how much independence I can allow her while still keeping her safe.

In the story, Etta Jane’s method of crossing the street is to stop at the edge, whip her head left-right-left, then proceed. It was a wake-up call to me when I realized Reva, when she was little, was doing this. She wasn’t looking for traffic; her attention was on me as she went through the motions she was taught. In spite of saying “Now look to the right? Do you see any cars?” her answer would always be “Nope!” regardless of reality. She thought that saying “Nope!” was simply the next step in the process.

Fortunately, in real life, I realized Reva’s lack of connection before she dove into the street. We worked on it, and she eventually learned. We also overcame her bad habit of standing at the edge of the street or parking lot with the shopping cart or, much worse, her baby sister’s stroller actually in traffic.

One day, Reva was riding on the end of my grocery cart, quietly repeating to herself “We’re GOing to the GROcery store…” over and over. At first, I didn’t realize just how important it was. Then I stopped, and listened. She was pronouncing the hard ‘G’, a sound she had not been able to make before with her speech impediment.

It took me by surprise. She became my daughter at age six, and much of her disability was (and still is) a mystery to us. We didn’t know whether her issues were permanent, or if she’d be able to grow out of them now that she was in a safe and nurturing environment. The hard ‘G’ sound had seemed like an impossible goal, yet there she was, suddenly getting it.

Without spoiling the story, both Etta Jane and Lorinda (the chicken) have similar accomplishments.

I hope you enjoy this story. Please share it with someone who knows a special child, even if they don’t usually like Science Fiction.

Then come back here and tell me what they thought.

LorindaSoichi worries about his daughter, Etta Jane, because not only are her bones more delicate than the average Loony child’s, but she has special needs and does not understand many of the simple, everyday dangers such as simply crossing the street. When her idea of teaching chickens to fly turns out to be entirely plausible, Soichi starts to believe that his daughter’s limitations might not be as much of an obstacle as he once thought.

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Pico’s life is turned upside-down when her grandmother from Earth moves in with them. She seems nice enough, but the blue tin that is supposed to be full of delicious cookies sometimes mysteriously holds sewing supplies instead.

SleighRideDecember’s full moon is darned close to Christmas, so look for Sleigh Ride a few days early.

Fredrick worries about getting home in time for Christmas, since his business trip has been postponed several times. When he finishes an entire day early, he uses the extra time to stop at the North Pole… the lunar North Pole, that is, and buy a few last minute Christmas presents. But a meteor strikes close the transit line he needs to get home, and he finds himself turning to Santa Claus for a little transportation help.

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