About the Stories

Lunar LogoThe Cities of Luna is a series of short stories by AmyBeth Inverness, published by Dingbat Publishing.


When humanity finally returned to the moon, they did so to stay, creating a unique and diverse culture. From the first space elevator at Sinus Medii and the metropolis surrounding it, underground Arrakeen in the north and the ever sun-lit Shackelton in the south, to the hundreds of tiny self-sufficient townships dotting the lunar regolith, people of every nation built a new world out of the barren hardscrabble. These are the cities of Luna.

A century after the foundation of the first settlement, more than a million people live on the moon. The citizens of Luna have created many eclectic and thriving communities, laced together by the tunnels and rails of the truba system.

These are the Loonies, and these are their stories.


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